Arbitration & Court Closure Due to COVID-19 / Coronavirus

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Litigants and lawyers requiring timely resolution of disputes and who have no or limited access to the courts for trials or other hearings because of COVID-19 / Coronavirus related court closures, or for whom a public court-centered proceeding is inappropriate, may wish to consider arbitration as an alternative to litigation. In-person, video or teleconferencing determinations of arbitrated disputes at reasonable rates can resolve procedural and substantive issues more quickly than our courts in the current COVID-19  / Coronavirus related crisis, and very often in ordinary circumstances where congested dockets unfortunately preclude expedited case determinations. With the consent of the parties to litigation, and at virtually any stage of the litigation, an ad hoc arbitration can be arranged. Arbitration may be the forum best suited to the resolution of your dispute across a broad range of practice areas. Please see the Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration & Mediation Chambers webpage, and  other … Read More