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Free Initial Consultation for US Attorneys  Canada is not a party to the Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory. Accordingly, we are frequently consulted by US attorneys on behalf of parties to US litigation, and retained to advise upon and obtain enforcement in the courts in Ontario Canada of US court issued Letters Rogatory,  Letters of Request or Request for International Judicial Assistance. These sometimes pertain only to the production of documents and other times require the examination in Ontario, Canada of a non-party to the US litigation, or both. We advise on the likely range of costs involved in intended enforcement proceedings. Early retention allows us to advise whether the intended Letters Rogatory,  Letters of Request or Request for International Judicial Assistance would likely be enforced by the court in Ontario, Canada. Discovery Deadlines in US Proceedings  We are mindful that US attorneys are often working with discovery deadlines within which to complete all examination (deposition) and document production. Once retained, we can proceed efficiently to … Read More