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Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process led by an impartial, capable, and knowledgeable professional who helps parties come to an agreement together. A mediator is a neutral third party who does not have the authority to render a decision and cannot give legal advice.

All family law issues can be mediated, including parenting, division of property, and support issues. Mediation can also be used to draft domestic contracts, such as cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts. The mediation process gives separating spouses equal control of the process and the decisions and terms reached. If an agreement is reached during mediation, it will only be binding if turned into a legal separation agreement.

Why Mediate?

Mediation tends to be a faster, more affordable, and less contentious way to resolve family law disputes than court litigation. Mediation also reduces animosity and conflict that can impact parenting relationships, further impair the relationship between separating spouses and reduce future disunity.

Mediation gives spouses the ability to craft creative settlements based on their own terms and interests, and not have one imposed on them by the courts.

Mediation is not the right process for everyone and is not appropriate for relationships where there has been domestic violence or where there is large power imbalance between the parties. At Gilbertson Davis LLP, before a mediation begins, both parties are screened to determine if both parties can work safely and effectively.

Virtual Mediation

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, at Gilbertson Davis LLP our office remains open. Our family law mediator is accepting mediation appointments and offering virtual mediation through video conference.

Why Gilbertson Davis LLP?

Our Family Law Mediator is uniquely qualified for your consideration. Our Family Law Mediator offers reasonable and affordable hourly rates from $450.00, plus facilities and applicable taxes with good availability. Full day rates can be negotiated.

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