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Domain Name Disputes, Counterfeit Websites, Fake Bad Reviews and Remedies

David Alderson discusses the internet-based “dirty tricks” that competitors deploy, and the serious adverse consequences for your business. Remedies available to those victimized are discussed.
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Move Summary Judgment Motion to Arbitration

David Alderson is an civil and commercial arbitrator who accepts appointments to determine motions for summary judgment and other important motions.
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Commercial Mediator and Family Mediator added to Roster of Mediators

Gilbertson Davis LLP Mediation Chambers is pleased to announce its Roster of Mediators has now expanded to include Family Law Mediator, Kimberley Wilton and Commercial Mediator, David Alderson.
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Lee Akazaki appointed by Law Society of Ontario to be a member of the Civil Rules Committee

Lee Akazaki has been appointed by the Law Society of Ontario to be a member of the Civil Rules Committee pursuant to subsection 65(2)(h) of the Courts of Justice Act, commencing January 29, 2021. The Civil Rules Committee is charged with making rules for the Court of Appeal and Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, in relation to practice and procedure in civil proceedings, except for family law proceedings.

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Founded in 1982, our Firm maintains a client-centered practice providing representation in the resolution of commercial and insurance disputes by a litigation, arbitration, mediation or other ADR, and business advice and transactional assistance in complex commercial contracts, corporate finance, business law and real estate, and in wills, estates and trusts.

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