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Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have experience in the area of commercial shipping, transportation and logistics. Whether shipping by air, ship, road or railway, we can assist you with any issue or dispute, whether you are, or will be, Plaintiff or Defendant.

We often act for clients with Ontario legal issues in such areas as Toronto, Mississauga, Malton and Windsor.

In today’s interconnected and fast-paced world, the movement of goods has become increasingly complex. Numerous parties can be involved in transporting the simplest of objects. Gilbertson Davis LLP’s lawyers can help you navigate the various legal regimes and issues commonly faced.

We can advise and represent our clients on issues, disputes and claims stemming from transport that has already taken place, and can also undertake contract or risk review and analysis from a legal perspective for a contemplated shipment or an entire area of business. We can provide you with an opinion on the legal and jurisdictional issues when you are contemplating a new project, so that you are prepared for issues which may arise. We can also advise you on the legal risks presented by the methods used by you in your transportation business and by the wording of your contracts and shipment documentation to ensure better legal outcomes when issues do arise.

Trucking Interests That We Can Represent

    • Charterers
    • Claims Personnel | Loss Adjusters
    • Common Carriers
    • Container | Storage Companies
    • Load | Customs Brokers
    • Logistics Professionals and Managers
    • Freight Forwarders
    • Shipped Goods Owners
    • Unpaid Carriers
    • Owner-Operators | Truck Drivers
    • Shipping Agents
    • Insurers | Underwriters
    • Insured | Self-Insured Risks Within Retentions and Deductibles
    • Terminal or Warehouse Owners and Operators

Trucking Cases – Examples

    • Accidents
    • Bills of Exchange
    • Bills of Lading and Waybills
    • Customs Detainment and Seizure
    • Damage to goods and property
    • Delay and frustration, sometimes due to weather, natural disasters, and other “Acts of God”
    • Dock and Warehouse Receipts
    • Employee, Contractor or third-party theft
    • Failed-to-arrive goods
    • Forwarder’s Cargo Receipts
    • Insurance coverage and claims
    • Insurance of Cargo, vehicles and vessels, Products and Goods
    • International Sanctions
    • Late or spoiled shipments
    • Liability for goods in your care
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Negligence
    • Other Negotiable Instruments
    • Passenger delays, injuries and fatalities
    • Unpaid Freight Invoices
Gilbertson Davis LLP can serve your needs with lawyers who are experienced in international sale and transportation contracts. Understanding of jurisdictional issues and the “conflict of laws”, the body of law used to determine the law to be applied to a dispute, is often central to international or cross-border contract disputes.
We act for and advise foreign clients involved in litigation or arbitration in Ontario and across its borders.

One of our lawyers has been admitted and practised law in foreign jurisdictions (including England, Dubai, and Bermuda), is admitted in New York state, and has both foreign (England) and local legal education. Among our lawyers and law clerks are those who speak French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Cantonese.

We are often consulted by those located in the United States, and in the past have been consulted by or retained in litigation by those (or matters located) in Alaska, California, Washington, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and Texas. Internationally, we have also been involved in litigation or arbitration with clients (or matters) located in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, England, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Guyana, Liberia, South Africa, Angola, The Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Hong Kong, PRC and Australia.

Gilbertson Davis LLP has served the insurance industry for over 30 years, including in matters concerning marine and transportation risks.

The lead lawyer on our transportation team has over fifteen years of extensive experience in maritime law practice in the premier maritime and marine insurance / reinsurance centres of London, England, Bermuda and Dubai.  In London his practice  focused on marine arbitration and matters in the Admiralty and Commercial Court.  He also possesses a U.K. post graduate law degree which included the study of maritime law, carriage of goods by sea and marine insurance.

If you have a matter in which you require shipping advice or representation, please contact us for an initial consultation. Urgent enquiries can be made in accordance with the directions on our contact page.

Please contact Gilbertson Davis LLP to arrange an initial consultation.

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