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Gilbertson Davis LLP accepts retainers on behalf of individuals and businesses having disputes with registrants, registrars, websites, internet service providers (ISPs), owners of websites and blogs, and even “copyright trolls”, on a wide variety of legal issues.

Online Defamation and Reputation Management and Repair

We can advise and represent you or your business on jurisdictional issues concerning your claims in relation to the online defamation and the likelihood of liability of the author, publisher, registrant (owner) of a website, blog, social media or forum, or internet service provider hosting such online presence.

For those contemplating bringing a claim or facing a claim, it is very important to be aware of and/or know how to comply with the following very short time limits:

Notice of Action time limit for notice to intended defendant under the Libel and Slander Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.12

Limitation Period time limit to commence legal proceedings in Ontario under the Libel and Slander Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.12

Internet Harassment

Claims of defamation do not capture all types of wrongful behaviour on the internet.

For instance, where an individual engages in malicious or reckless conduct over the internet with the intent to cause fear/anxiety or impugn one’s dignity, that individual may be liable for harassment. Egregious and persistent online harassment is an issue that can affect a person’s mental health, reputation, and professional and personal life, and so can result in compensation and/or injunctive relief that prohibits further such spiteful conduct. Our lawyers can advise and represent you if you are the victim of such tenacious online abuse.  See our recent blog on this practice area.

Examples of Online – Internet Legal Issues

Accepted retainers on Internet Legal Issues include:

Domain Name Disputes

With a new set of top level domains being set to release in the near future, the risk of competitors and “cyber squatters” inappropriately obtaining similar domain names to yours is a growing concern.

We can advise and represent you or your business in connection with domain name disputes, including claims against cyber squatters, sometimes resolved on the basis of residency requirements and/or through complaints to internet registrars, but other times requiring judicial assistance. We have experience in obtaining prompt injunctive relief in respect of domain name disputes.

There are a growing number of global online payments systems in operation or accessible in Canada, including bitcoin exchanges. Some payments systems are marketed as online payment service providers and others as peer-to-peer (P2P) payment exchanges, in the so-called “cryptocurrrency”, “virtual currency” or “electronic currency”. Cryptocurrency loans are now fairly common, as are credit providers permitting cryptocurrency payment.

Systems like bitcoin utilize technology known as “blockchain” or distributed ledger technology, which can also assist companies in a wide array of transaction-related matters, including implementing escrow agreements and other so-called “smart contracts”. The use of this technology is increasingly being considered for use in almost every legal area, from insurance matters to securities law, oftentimes without legal advice on the jurisdictional, liability, privacy, or enforceability issues that may be involved in using these technologies. It is important that individuals and businesses relying on these new technologies obtain prompt and effective legal advice on these issues.

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have local and international experience in negotiable instruments, e-commerce (including electronic bills of lading), internet law and technology. We can offer advice and representation in matters concerning online payments systems, online payment service providers, blockchain, and so-called digital currencies and smart contracts, including recovery of cryptocurrency loans, and disputes concerning cryptocurrency payments.

The ease and far reach of publication on the internet can result in the unauthorized commercial use of the personality, image, representation, name or voice to endorse a product in violation of a person’s right to exploit their own personality.  A careful consideration of each case is required to determine whether such conduct is wrongful and actionable at law.
Because of the harm that can be caused through widespread, international dissemination through the internet, this type of conduct is often the subject of cease and desist letters and injunctions to restrain the wrongful and/or prohibited acts.

These types of injunction proceedings must be brought without delay and in the court having jurisdiction.

Our lawyers who practice in this area have experience in bringing and obtaining injunctions restraining the making of untrue and defamatory statements online and otherwise. Do not delay in obtaining legal advice once you or your business becomes aware of defamatory words online.

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