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Arbitration often provides parties in dispute with an alternative resolution best suited to the dispute when efficient progress to resolution is a top priority. The arbitrators at Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration Chambers accept appointments for Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration ADR in local and international commercial, business, shareholder, partnership, joint venture, contract, property, real estate, condominium, commercial leasing, sale of goods, construction, technology, employment, reinsurance, and marine disputes, at reasonable hourly rates, and with good availability.

All our arbitrators are senior legal practitioners who also accept appointments as arbitrators. They are distinguished in their respective areas of practice and have differing legal practice backgrounds, through diversity of their legal experience in the world of reinsurance, insurance, business disputes, international trade & distribution, and marine matters, through language skills, and from foreign legal experience and accreditations. This makes a Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitrator uniquely qualified for your consideration.

Through our experience in the case management of arbitration, we can promptly progress the arbitration, from first meeting through to the arbitration hearing. Party agreed, or arbitrator ordered, procedural orders and /or the adoption of rules for an expedited proceeding, provide parties with the pace of proceedings they require. Moving court-based litigation to arbitration provides your clients with uninterrupted access to justice through arbitration.

Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitrators offer competitive hourly rates, plus facilities and applicable taxes, and depends upon the arbitrator appointed, the location of the arbitration and the nature and complexity of the arbitration. Full-day rates can be negotiated. We refer you to the applicable Gilbertson Davis LLP Terms of Appointment for the full terms and conditions of the appointment of a Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitrator.

Chambers Roster of Arbitrators


John obtained a B.A. (Hons.) degree from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario (1973), graduating as an Academic Medallist and as the recipient of several scholarships. John holds a J.D. degree from the University of Toronto (1976), and was called to the Bar (1978) in Ontario. He has practised law in that Province since then, both as an insurance litigator and for several years as in-house Claims Counsel and Casualty Claims Manager for a Toronto based commercial property and casualty insurer.

John has had a long and abiding interest in ADR and Arbitration in particular. He received his early education in the principles and practice of arbitration from his father, a labour arbitrator and adjudicator. John graduated from the Arbitrators’ Institute of Canada courses, Parts I and II, in1986/87. He received mediation training from United States Arbitration & Mediation Incorporated in 1988, and became a founding Director of Arbitration & Mediation Services (ADR) Canada Limited in that same year. John has received his Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators CIArb (2012) for completion of the Award Writing Examination in International Arbitration. He is a founding member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society.

John has acted as counsel in numerous mediations for over 25 years, and has a particular interest in serving as Arbitrator in insurance, reinsurance and commercial arbitrations. He has litigated many reinsurance cases during his career. John has also acted as counsel in an arbitration under the Disputed Losses between Property Insurance and Boiler and Machinery Insurance Policies. He has prepared briefing materials for an arbitration at a panel of the Insurance Bureau of Canada. He has acted as a Mediator in a commercial property dispute. John maintains a busy litigation practice at Gilbertson Davis and is its Managing Partner. Long persuaded of the benefits of ADR, John is prepared to consider appointments as Arbitrator or Arbitration counsel in select cases.

Hourly Rates: Competitive hourly rates offered, plus facilities and applicable taxes.
Languages: English
Phone: (416) 979 2020 ext 230
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David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M, Q.Arb
Experienced Commercial Arbitrator
Reasonable Fees & Good Availability
Sole Arbitrator and Panel Appointment

Sole Arbitrator – $450/hr, plus HST*
Lower Rate if Disputes About $1 Million or Less


David has been accredited by the ADR Institute as Canada as a Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb). He accepts appointments as a commercial dispute, international commercial dispute, business dispute, shareholder dispute, procurement arbitrator, real estate dispute, commercial lease dispute, construction dispute (not interim payments adjudication), franchise dispute, condo dispute, technology dispute, employment dispute, reinsurance dispute and marine dispute arbitrator, with competitive hourly rates and good availability. David has acted as counsel in both domestic and international arbitration, including institutional and ad hoc arbitration. David is on the Ontario Bar Association Remote Mediation Roster of Mediators.

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has appointed David as sole arbitrator in arbitrations. David is an arbitrator member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society, has completed the Gold Standard Course in Commercial Arbitration, and is on their Arbitrator Member Roster. David has completed each of the Foundations in Judicial Competencies Series, and the Adjudicative Tribunal Competency Series and has been granted a Certificate of Completion in each by the Ontario Bar Association.

David is a full member of the ADR Institute of Ontario and appears in its Directory of Ontario Dispute Resolution Professionals. He is a Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) having received that accreditation from the ADR Institute of Canada. David is on the newly formed Member’s Roster for Remote Arbitration and Mediation Services, for the provision of remote Arbitration in a number of areas of dispute, including business disputes, real estate, condo and commercial leasing disputes, sale of goods, distribution and franchise disputes, management and agency disputes, contract disputes, transportation and logistics disputes, international and domestic commercial disputes and reinsurance disputes.

He has lived and practiced law in Ontario, England, Bermuda and Dubai. He is also admitted in New York State. He was granted an LL.B (Osgoode) and LL.M (Lond.) in 1980 and 1988, respectively. David’s post-graduate legal studies is designated as Commercial and Corporate.

Local and International Experience

David has appeared as a barrister in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (including the Commercial List), the Divisional Court, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Federal Court (Canada), Federal Court of Appeal (Canada) and the Supreme Court of Canada; as an instructing solicitor in the English High Court (Commercial and Admiralty Courts, and Chancery); and as a barrister in the Supreme Court of Bermuda.

Preferred Arbitration Appointments

He has legal experience in arbitration in Ontario, England, Bermuda and Dubai under different institutional and ad hoc rules, in a wide variety of matters, but mainly focused on the practice areas of business, commercial, international commercial, international trade, reinsurance, construction and marine matters, including arbitration concerning:

Additional arbitration subject interest: travel, tourism, sports and entertainment arbitration.

Speaking Engagements on Arbitration Subjects

David has spoken to lawyers at Continuing Legal Education events, and given interviews to legal publications on matters concerning arbitration, including:

  • Law Times Cover Story July 20, 2018: “OCA upholds U.S. rabbinical court’s award. Province a leader in international commercial arbitration” concerning Popack v. Lipszyc, 2018 ONCA 635 (Quoted)
  • Law Times Cover Story – Enforce Arbitration Agreements: Ruling, November 21, 2016, Re: Haas v. Gunasekaram, 2016 ONCA 744 (Co-Counsel on motion)
  • Panelist at the Law Society of Upper Canada Continuing Professional Development program, The Annotated Partnership Agreement 2015, on the panel entitled “Review of the Differences (Legal and Drafting) Between a Partnership and a Joint Venture – Understanding the Significant Consequences“. This included discussion on the use of arbitration clauses in international joint venture agreements.
  • New Developments in Emergency Arbitration Procedures – Interview Published in Law Times (April 2013)
  • ABA Annual Meeting, Section of Litigation event “Strategic Choices in International Arbitration: the Impact of Forum Selection and Choice-of-Law Decisions” covering competence-competence doctrine, severability (separability) and judicial intervention in determining the jurisdiction of a tribunal; and the enforcement of arbitral awards, including public policy exclusion to enforcement and the effect of local limitation periods in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in UNCITRAL / Model law jurisdictions (August 2011)

Curriculum Vitae

ADRIC / ADRIO Member badge
Please see David’s bio webpage and his LinkedIn page for his areas of past local and international litigation experience.

Terms of Appointment available on request from the Arbitrator’s Assistant

A sample Terms of Appointment can be downloaded here. The Password is available from the Arbitrator’s Assistant.

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Sole Arbitrator – $450/hr, plus HST*
Lower Rate if Disputes About $1 Million or Less
Language: English
* (does not include Panel Arbitrator, or a Sole Arbitrator that becomes a Panel Arbitrator)

Appointment and Availability Enquiries

Appointment and Availability Enquiries
To make appointment and availability enquiries about arbitrators, please contact the Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration Chambers Intake Coordinator at (416) 979 2020, ext. 223 or by email at

* Sole Arbitrator – from $450.00 per hour, plus HST (does not include Panel Arbitrator, or a Sole Arbitrator that becomes a Panel Arbitrator)

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    Chambers Roster of Arbitrators

    John L. Davis

    B.A. (Hons.), J.D.
    Competitive Hourly Rates Offered*

    David Alderson

    LL.B, LL.M, Qualified Arbitrator

    *plus facilities and applicable taxes.