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Our team of lawyers can provide sound advice and effective representation to manufacturers and distributors. While our main focus is to provide legal services to the automotive industry, the food and beverage industry and to those in technology industries in the Toronto – Waterloo Innovation Corridor we also can assist those in other manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors

We can provide efficient and effective legal advice and representation in a wide variety of disputes arising in the manufacturing industries, including these:

Commercial Disputes – Sale of Goods and Distribution

Business and commercial disputes are inevitable. We can advise manufactures in connection with domestic and international sale of goods and distribution issues, supply and outsourcing disputes, import-export issues, licensing, branding and brand protection, contract disputes, finance disputes and lending litigation, machinery and equipment functionality disputes and consequent business interruption, as well as the the effects of strikes and other force majeure events.

Carriage of Goods – Transportation and Logistics

Gilbertson Davis LLP’s lawyers have experience in the area of commercial shipping, transportation and logistics. Whether shipping by air, ship, road or railway, we can assist you with any issue or dispute, whether you are, or will be, Plaintiff or Defendant.

Branding and Brand Protection – Trademark and Passing Off

In many cases, a business’s brand, reputation, and goodwill, can be its most important assets. Customers will visit, re-visit, and refer others to a business because of the reputation created through its successful branding initiatives and quality products and services. Therefore, it is important for any business to be aware of the tools available to protect their brand from being devalued or misused by others.

Product Liability – Defective Products

We have acted for manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, sellers, wholesalers and retailers for in connection with losses alleged to have occurred from use of products alleged to be defective, by design, manufacture, shipment, intermediate alteration, or sale – or where there are failure to warn or instruct issues.

Construction Disputes – Factory, Plant, Warehouse and Office

Construction can be complex, and often involves many different stakeholders engaged in many different aspects of any project. When these interests conflict, litigation or arbitration may be necessary to resolve disputes and ensure continuation and completion of the project. Delays in construction, renovation and refurbishment of a manufacturer’s premises may present considerable business interruption and lost profits.

Business Disputes – Corporations, Partnership or Joint Ventures

Our lawyers have acted in Ontario and other jurisdictions in internal business disputes within small and mid-sized Ontario corporations, partnerships and joint ventures in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Many are closely-held businesses such as family owned businesses or start-ups which have grown.

Summary Judgment – Access to Justice for Small and Medium Businesses

Changes mandated the Supreme Court of Canada in 2014 and subsequent decisions of the courts in Ontario have promoted better access to justice through summary judgment, partial summary judgment, and summary trials. This is good news for small and medium businesses who previously could not afford a trial or the viability of a trial as a dispute resolving mechanism. Our lawyers have been at the vanguard of legal developments in this new access to justice, including both obtaining and responding to summary judgment motions, in widely reported and leading decisions in this field.

Why Gilbertson Davis LLP?

Our team of lawyers are leading practitioners and provide sound advice and effective representation in time sensitive matters. When there is need for immediate assistance from the courts, clients turn to lawyers who have acted in such proceedings before. We are experienced in matters requiring immediate litigation response, for both local and international clients.

If you have an issue relating to your business, please contact us for an initial consultation.