Toronto Notary Public for the Province of Ontario

Most of our lawyers have also been appointed by the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario as a Notary Public for the Province of Ontario.

Notarial Services

A Notary Public, on the production of sufficient identification to satisfy the Notary Public of the identity of the person requesting notarial services, is authorized to perform the following notarial acts in accordance with the required procedure:

  • Taking an Oath or Affirmation of an Affiant on an Affidavit
  • Taking a Declaration of a Declarant on a Statutory Declaration
  • Notarizing a Consent to Travel (Notarized Acknowledgment of Identity)
  • Letter of Invitation (Notarized Acknowledgment of Identity)
  • Certified Copies (a notarial act reserved only for notaries, and not lawyers)

Authentication and Legalization (for use of a notarized document in another jurisdiction)

Authentication (sometimes described as Legalization at the federal level) is a process by governmental authority which seeks to confirm, for the civil and judicial officials of a country, that the signature and seal of an official affixed to a document that was issued in another country, are authentic.

We can assist, where required, with the Authentication process following notarization of a document. This is accomplished by seeking a chain of authentications, each by a progressively higher government authority, made on the basis of a review of specimens of signatures deposited with each governmental authority.

Since Canada is not a signatory to the Hague Convention Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalisation For Foreign Public Documents, a Notary Public in Ontario cannot provide an Apostille – which in jurisdictions that are members of the Hague Convention is a replacement for the authentication and legalization process.


Please contact Gilbertson Davis LLP to make an appointment for notarial services, and if required, to arrange presentation of notarized documents for authentication and legalization of notarized documents.

Please note: that we provide notarial services only by prior appointment.

Fees for notarial services and for authentication and legalization of notarized documents on request.

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