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David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M
Experienced and Qualified Arbitrator

Maritime law is both arcane and ever-changing. It includes many connected areas of law, and disputes may include those relating to the ship, the hull, the cargo, containers, crew, or collisions and other casualties, as well as marine and hull insurance and / or P&I entry. David Alderson has practiced all facets of marine law while in England, Bermuda, Dubai and Canada. He has the experience, qualifications and training unique to a marine arbitrator.

Marine and Maritime Law Experience

David holds an LL.M (Lond.) which included the intensive study of maritime law, including maritime claims, liens and arrest, carriage of goods by sea, and marine insurance, including cargo insurance, hull insurance, war risks and P&I cover. He is a member of the Canadian Maritime Law Association.

In addition to maritime law practice in Canada, he has practiced shipping and marine law with leading international law firms in London, Bermuda and Dubai, with a focus on dry cases, especially oil and gas, (although also some wet practice) and marine insurance. His practice has also included matters involving offshore rigs, dry docks, fire, crewing matters, and many charterparty disputes involving a variety of cargoes and of large yachts.

He has represented shipowners, time-chartered owners, charterers, bunker suppliers, rig designers, and in carriage cases, collision, salvage, and towage. He has considerable experience in international sale of goods, contracts of affreightment, multimodal carriage, freight forwarding, sale of vessel disputes, dry docks, grounding, and enforcement in marine lending.

International Maritime Litigation and Arbitration

His marine law experience has included cases in the Commercial Court and the Admiralty Court of the Queen’s Bench Division (England and Wales), the Court of Appeal for England and Wales, the Bermuda Supreme Court, and the Dubai Courts:  the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, and the Court of Cassation, and as well many LMAA arbitration matters. He has travelled to clients throughout Europe and the US on marine-related matters. He has worked with leading maritime law firms that each have a large international network of offices that practice in marine law practice areas.

Arbitrator for Marine Disputes

David can accept arbitrator’s appointment in a wide variety of marine and maritime matters, most of which he has practice experience as a marine lawyer:

    • Admiralty
    • Arrest and Detention
    • Average
    • Bailment
    • Bill of Lading Disputes
    • Bottomry
    • Bunkers
    • Cargo Claims
    • Cargoworthiness
    • Carriage of Goods by Sea
    • Charterparty Disputes
    • Collisions
    • Constitutional Matters
    • Convention Claims / Defences
    • Crew Claims
    • Demurrage and Laytime
    • Delivery Disputes
    • Docks and Piers
    • Drydock
    • Freight Forwarding
    • General Average
    • Groundings
    • Harbour Claims
    • Hazardous Cargo / Vessel
    • Hull Insurance
    • International Sale of Goods
    • Law of the Sea
    • Limitation
    • Locks and Canals
    • Marine Casualties
    • Marine Engineering
    • Marine Insurance
    • Maritime Arbitration
    • Maritime Claims
    • Maritime Lien
    • Mortgages
    • Multimodal Carriage
    • Naval Architecture
    • Navigational Issues
    • NVOCC
    • Passenger Claims
    • Payment of Freight / Hire
    • Personal Injury
    • Pollution Claims
    • P & I Claims
    • Pilotage
    • Racing Disputes
    • Requisition of Vessel
    • Rigs
    • Seaworthiness
    • SOLAS
    • Sale of Vessel
    • Salvage
    • Shipbuilding Disputes
    • Ship Repair Disputes
    • Shipwreck
    • Stevedores
    • Stowage
    • Stowaways -Repatriation
    • Strikes and Congested Ports
    • Supplies
    • Transshipping
    • Treasure Trove
    • Towage – Tug and Tow
    • Vessel – Classification
    • Vessel – Flag
    • War Clauses and Risks
    • Warehouse Claims
    • Wreck Removal
    • Wrongful Arrest
    • Yacht Claims
    • Yacht Club Disputes

Membership and Accreditation

David is an arbitrating member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society, the ADR Institute of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association Remote Arbitrator and Mediator List and Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration and Mediation Chambers. His roster membership can be viewed here. He holds a LL.B, LL.M and Q.Arb. He has practiced law in Ontario, Canada, England & Wales, Bermuda and Dubai. He is also admitted, but does not currently practice in the state of New York.

He has always promoted arbitration as an efficient and confidential alternative to the courts. David has often spoken or written on matters of interest to commercial arbitrators and counsel engaged ion arbitration. He has been counsel engaged in arbitration related cases.

Expedited Arbitration

In appropriate cases, David accepts appointment as an arbitrator to conduct expedited arbitration. David’s engagements in expedited arbitration is discussed here.

Hourly Rate and Availability

David accepts appointment as a marine arbitrator at a competitive hourly rate based on the amount in dispute, plus applicable taxes, disbursements, expenses and the cost of facilities. He has good availability, typically holding the First Meeting in the arbitration within one week of appointment, and the arbitration hearing within a few months, unless urgency dictates an earlier hearing’

Moving Litigation to Arbitration

David accepts marine arbitrator appointment in matters having been moved from the courts, either by order of the court, or by consensual provisions to enable the matter to move forward promptly. Moving matters in litigation to arbitration is discussed here.

Appointment, Resume and Terms of Appointment

David accepts appointments across Canada, from Chambers based in Toronto, Ontario.

Curriculum Vitae and Terms of Appointment are available on request.

Please contact the Arbitrator’s Assistant and Intake Coordinator at (416) 979 2020, ext. 223 or by email at

Competitive hourly rates offered, plus facilities and applicable taxes.

Languages: English

* Sole Arbitrator – $450.00 per hour, plus HST (does not include Panel Arbitrator, or a Sole Arbitrator that becomes a Panel Arbitrator)
Lower Rate if Disputes About $1 Million or Less