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The lawyers at Gilbertson Davis LLP can advise and represent clients on all aspects of contentious financial services legal matters. Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers with experience acting in a wide variety of large and complex claims, in both cross-border and domestic litigation and arbitration.

We are practical and efficient litigators, who establish early on a client-centric goals-oriented litigation strategy, whether the dispute concerns relatively routine business disputes or having consequences so serious to the business or its stakeholder, that it is “bet the company” litigation.

Our senior lawyers have hands-on experience. Whether advising those on a trading floor, acting in matters before financial regulators, representing clients in cases requiring urgent equitable remedies, or deploying strategic advocacy in cases in arbitration, in trial or in the business litigation culture of summary judgment motions, we represent clients robustly and efficiently.

That is why we can say we are Easy to Work With and Tough to Oppose.

Financial Litigation Clients

We can advise and represent business clients in all factions of financial disputes services, including

    • Retail Banks and Commercial Banks
    • Insurance Companies
    • Credit Unions and Mortgage Lenders
    • Consumer Finance Companies
    • Credit Card, Charge Card and Consumer Finance Companies
    • Payments Processing Entities
    • Investment Fund Managers
    • Money Management
    • Developers
    • Construction Loan Lenders / Borrowers
    • Private Wealth Management
    • Asset Management
    • Infrastructure Investment
    • Government Financing and Investment
    • Investment Banking
    • Brokers / Dealer and Brokerage Houses
    • Investment Funds and Fund Managers
    • Financial Institutions and Investors
    • Land Loan Lenders / Borrowers
    • Mezzanine Loan Lenders / Borrowers
    • Inventory Loans / Borrowers

Financial Services Disputes

Financial services are heavily regulated in Ontario by provincial and/or federal authorities. The development of common law rights and remedies which apply to the conduct of stakeholders in emerging businesses and investment often make financial disputes a matter of multi-disciplinary concern. We have extensive experience working with forensic accountants, and experts who can provide opinions on the standard of care required of various business fiduciaries. Good faith implied duties imposed by law on contracting parties makes business practices of virtually every sort the subject to judicial scrutiny when litigation arises.

Financial services litigation often involves:

    • Loans and Lending
    • Secured Transaction Disputes and Enforcement
    • Trading, including Day-trading and On-line trading
    • Financial Transactions and Financial Products
    • Stock Exchange Disputes and Commodities Exchange Disputes
    • Stock Broker Liability
    • Derivative and Structured Products
    • Bills of Exchange and Documentary Credits
    • Letters of Credit, Loan Agreements and Guarantees
    • Financial Instruments
    • Project Finance – Equity and Lending Disputes
    • Non-Disclosure Disputes

Financial Services claims, disputes, and litigation may fall within these areas of practice:

    • Shareholders Claims, including Mis-selling Claims
    • Securities Litigation
    • Officers and Directors Liability and Breaches of Fiduciary Duties
    • Broker and Dealer Non Compliance and Liability
    • Investment Fraud and Asset Tracing, including Setting Aside Fraudulent Conveyances, Assignments and Preferences
    • Complex Disputes and Recovery Litigation
    • Disputed Security and Enforcement
    • Payments Made By Mistake
    • Constructive Trusts and Restitution
    • Injunction and Urgent Relief – including Mareva (freezing), Norwich (disclosure) orders, and Mandatory Orders regarding Letters of Credit and Guarantees
    • Mortgage Enforcement
    • Recovery of Leased Assets and Complex Re-possession

Why Gilbertson Davis LLP

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers with considerable courtroom experience, in important motions, trials and appeals at all levels of the courts in Ontario and Canada (including the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada). Some of our lawyers have conducted arbitration of business disputes, both locally and in international arbitration.

We offer ethical, cost-efficient and results-oriented legal services through careful management of your financial services dispute.

Please contact us for an initial consultation.

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