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Business and commercial disputes are inevitable. Though it is usually better to resolve commercial or business disputes without resort to the courts, sometimes that is unavoidable.

Whether you or your business are seeking early or alternative resolution dispute resolution or representation in litigation or arbitration, your choice of legal counsel is a very important step in the process.

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have experience, exercise integrity, and act efficiently to aim for cost-effective dispute resolution and advocacy. We offer personal service at a reasonable cost by lawyers possessing “big firm” and international experience. We have an expanding practice in commercial and business litigation and arbitration.

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Here are some of the types of business and commercial litigation and arbitration matters in which we have acted for clients:

Our Clients

We receive instructions from prospective clients and referrals from clients and other lawyers.

Some of our lawyers have acted for businesses of many dimensions; from small family-owned businesses to multi-national corporations, in a wide variety of businesses and industries. Whether based locally, or elsewhere in Canada, the US, Europe, Caribbean or China, Gilbertson Davis LLP’s team has commercial litigators who have advised and represented clients in all aspects of commercial and business law, and in all stages of litigation, including enforcement.

Our Commercial Litigators

Good commercial litigators are competitive resolvers.

They are client-focused, client goal-oriented, and experienced in the full range of dispute resolution forums, mechanisms and strategies to achieve client goals. We endeavour to safeguard client business interests while resolving disputes to their satisfaction. This is achieved through a broad range of experience and credentials so we can advise clients of all options available, both short term and long term, and the best steps available to achieve the best results, both from a business and legal position.

We have strength and experience in advising foreign clients involved in litigation or arbitration in Ontario and across its borders.

Some of our lawyers have been admitted and practised law in foreign jurisdictions (including England, Bermuda and New York), have both foreign and local legal education, including in the U.S. and U.K. and a number of our lawyers and law clerks speak languages including French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Cantonese.

We are often consulted by those located in the United States, and in the past have been consulted by or retained in litigation by those (or matters located) in Alaska, California, Washington, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and Texas. Internationally, we have also been involved in litigation or arbitration with clients (or matters) located in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, England, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Guyana, Liberia, South Africa, Angola, The Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Hong Kong, PRC and Australia.

Commercial litigation and arbitration often involves a contract dispute. Business disputes can involve matters within the business, whether it is company, partnership, joint venture, or other business association; such disputes often emerge as shareholders’ disputes, proceedings for oppression remediesbreach of directors’ and officers’ duties, executive officer dismissal, and partnership / joint venture disputes. Real estate and property litigation often involves ownership and boundary disputes, residential and commercial property, including residential and commercial condominiums (with an increasing prevalence of hotel condos and retail condos), commercial leasing, including retail and shopping mall leases, licenced space, and recreational property, including cottages, fractional ownership, and timesharing. We can act for owners, sellers, buyers, mortgagees, mortgagors, developers, agents, brokers, and other stakeholders in litigation.
Success in obtaining early injunctive relief often results in early dispute resolution.

We can provide sound advice and results-oriented representation in time sensitive matters. When there is need for immediate assistance from the courts clients turn to lawyers who have acted in such proceedings before. Gilbertson Davis LLP can serve your need with lawyers experienced in matters requiring immediate litigation response, for both local and international clients.

The legal landscape is shifting for businesses in litigation.

The Supreme Court of Canada has recently promoted better access to justice thorough summary judgment, partial summary judgment, and summary trials. This is good news for small and medium businesses who previously could not afford trial or the viability of a trial as a dispute resolving mechanism. Some of our lawyers have been at the vanguard of legal developments in this new access to justice, including both obtaining and responding to summary judgment motions, in widely reported and leading decisions in this field.

Success on appeals requires the presentation of clear and persuasive legal argument.

Gilbertson Davis LLP las lawyers with experience in preparing appeal documents, such as drafting leave applications and appeal factums, to achieve effective and successful written and oral advocacy. Some of our lawyers have appeared on appeals in all court in Ontario and in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Why Gilbertson Davis LLP?

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who can provide legal services in relation to all types of commercial litigation or arbitration. We are ethical, practical, and professional. We strive to resolve our clients’ disputes efficiently through the provision of quality service at reasonable rates. Gilbertson Davis LLP has over 35 years of practice in Toronto, Ontario dealing with various related practice areas.

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