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Local and international insurance and commercial arbitration is a unique and central part of our practice.

ADR is a valued technique in our Insurance Practice arsenal.  We will use every implement in the ADR toolkit as and when appropriate. Our insurance ADR strategies are focused on closing the case, as early and economically as possible.

Techniques include the old fashioned  and often overlooked ADR strategy of picking up the telephone or proposing coffee to speak with our opponents early in the case and throughout until closure.

And beyond that, we will use whatever the case calls for:

  • Pre-suit and in-suit negotiations and mediations
  • FSCO mediations and arbitrations
  • Appraisal of loss or damages under the Insurance Act and policy provisions
  • Arbitrations provided for in contract terms overlooked by the party bringing suit
  • Arbitrations involving claims between boiler and machinery and property insurers under the Disputed Loss Agreement
  • Mediations and arbitrations we or the client may propose for a specific case unsuited to litigation—to include final and binding arbitration or, if preferred, at least initially, neutral evaluation.

Commercial Arbitration

Business contracts often provide for resolution of commercial disputes by arbitration. Commercial arbitration is an effective alternative to court and may provide a faster, cheaper and private dispute resolution.

International Commercial Arbitration

Businesses are increasingly involved in international transactions. International commercial arbitration is often a better option than transnational litigation, offering:

Institutional Arbitration Bodies and Arbitration Rules

Our arbitration lawyers have extensive experience advising clients on the options as to institutional arbitration bodies and arbitration rules, including:

Enforcement of Arbitral Awards | Enforcing U.S. Arbitration Awards

Through the adoption of international conventions on the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, the enforceability of a foreign (US and other international) arbitration award has become easier in many instances.

Arbitration Advice and Counsel

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who manage complex and large value arbitrations. These lawyers have also counselled with multi-jurisdictional experience and cultural sensitivity, who provide cost-efficient advice, dispute resolution strategy and persuasive advocacy at arbitration hearings. Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have appeared before the Courts when interim measures are sought, such as the appointment of arbitrators, the challenge of arbitrators, or the stay of proceedings in favour of arbitration, and on the enforcement of arbitration awards in Ontario and Canada.

Please contact Gilbertson Davis LLP for an initial consultation on any issue you may have concerning Commercial Arbitration or Insurance ADR.

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