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Interjurisdictional issues in family law are challenging. The team at Gilbertson Davis LLP have experience dealing with interjurisdictional issues and have successfully represented clients in various interjurisdictional disputes.

Interjurisdictional issues can impact all areas of family law. These issues are factually driven and case specific. A combination of case law and numerous statues, including the Family Law Act, the Children’s Law Reform Act and the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, determine the jurisdiction and  applicable law needed to resolve interjurisdictional issues.

Types of Interjurisdictional Disputes

At Gilbertson Davis LLP, we can represent and advise clients on a wide range of interjurisdictional disputes, such as:

Depending on the dispute, interjurisdictional matters involve different court processes and procedures, such as Applications, Motions and Motions to Change.

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It is important to obtain legal advice and representation that can effectively represent you when dealing with interjurisdictional issues. We strive to make these issues as clear and unambiguous as possible for our clients. Gilbertson Davis LLP has counsel with knowledge and experience in interjurisdictional disputes.

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