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International Sale of Goods Litigation

Claims Against Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters,
Sellers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Advertisers and Insurers
Acting for U.S. Clients and with US Attorneys in Ontario Litigation

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have acted for manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, sellers, wholesalers and retailers for in connection with losses alleged to have occurred from use of products alleged to be defective, by design, manufacture, shipment, intermediate alteration, or sale – or where there are failure to warn or instruct issues.

Gilbertson Davis LLP also sometimes acts for those sustaining injuries from defective products or suffering a business loss from use of a defective product in their own manufacturing process. We can act for insurers, but also for manufacturers or distributors themselves.

Local and Foreign Clients

Clients may be companies carrying on business in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, or outside of Canada. We have experience in cases emanating from US, Europe and elsewhere and in working with a foreign client’s local counsel in cross-border litigation in multi-jurisdictional claims.

We can assist foreign litigation counsel concerning goods manufactured in or distributed from Ontario.

Industry Experience

Gilbertson Davis LLP can serve your needs with lawyers experienced in product liability concerns in a wide variety of industries – from heavy equipment, industrial equipment, construction equipment, sports and recreational equipment, construction materials, distribution infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, parts and components, and food and vaccine industries. Some of our lawyers have industry knowledge and technical understanding that provides them the skill set to practically and efficiently manage complex product liability litigation – through trial if necessary

Product Liability Litigation Experience

Gilbertson Davis LLP has experience in products liability defense for insurers. Lawyers within our team have the background experience to understand the technical aspects of product liability cases and to identify and address complex issues. Some of our lawyers have acted in cases where large economic losses and punitive damages have been claimed.

We always aim for time-efficient and cost-efficient resolution of claims and disputes. Gilbertson Davis LLP has more than thirty years of case management and preparation throughout legal proceedings, which promotes efficient yet results-oriented representation.

Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who are experienced trial and appellate counsel who can act both on urgent issues which may arise unexpectedly and through the action until completion. Through careful file management and representation we can address with businesses their concerns about reputation and further similar claims.

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