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David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M
Experienced and Qualified Arbitrator

Trained and Skilled Arbitrator
Independent, Experienced and Qualified Arbitrator
Reasonable Fees and Good Availability for Early Hearings
Sole Arbitrator and Panel Appointment

Serving All of Ontario & Elsewhere in Canada From Toronto Office
Sole Arbitrator – $450.00 per hour, plus HST*
Lower Rate if Disputes About $1 Million or Less

David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M,
Qualified Arbitrator
Phone: (416) 979 2020 ext 230
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David Alderson is an independent, experienced and qualified Arbitrator practicing in broker and agent claims in real estate, mortgage, business, securities and investment, insurance and reinsurance, distribution, marine and transportation cases make him an ideal good choice as sole or panel arbitrator in broker and agent claims arbitrations.

He has been appointed by the courts in commercial arbitration disputes.

Broker and Agent Claims Arbitration

David can be appointed in arbitrations concerning these professionals:

    • Business (Sale of) Brokers
    • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
    • Realtors
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Stockbrokers
    • Securities Brokers
    • Commodities Brokers
    • Insurance Brokers and Agents
    • Life Insurance Agents
    • Commercial Brokers
    • Merchandise Broker
    • Shipbrokers
    • Yacht Brokers
    • Freight Brokers

Arbitration Expertise

David has arbitrated disputes on a wide variety of matters, and has been appointed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as sole arbitrator in commercial arbitration matters.

He is an arbitrating member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society, has completed the Gold Standard Course in Commercial Arbitration, and is on their Arbitrator Member Roster

David has completed each of the Foundations in Judicial Competencies Series, and the Adjudicative Tribunal Competency Series and has been has been granted a Certificate of Completion in each by the Ontario Bar Association.

David is a full member of the ADR Institute of Ontario and appears in its Directory of Ontario Dispute Resolution Professionals. He is a Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) having received that accreditation from the ADR Institute of Canada. David is on the newly formed Member’s Roster for Remote Arbitration and Mediation Services, for the provision of remote Arbitration in a number of areas of dispute, including business disputes, real estate, condo and commercial leasing disputes, sale of goods, distribution and franchise disputes, management and agency disputes, contract disputes, transportation and logistics disputes, international and domestic commercial disputes and reinsurance disputes.

Curriculum Vitae

David online Bio pages are here: Arbitrator and Lawyer.

Terms of Appointment available on request from the Intake Coordinator.

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To make appointment and availability enquiries about broker claims arbitrators, please contact the Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration Chambers Intake Coordinator at (416) 979 2020, ext. 223 or by email at

* Sole Arbitrator – $450.00 per hour, plus HST (does not include Panel Arbitrator, or a Sole Arbitrator that becomes a Panel Arbitrator)
Lower Rate if Disputes About $1 Million or Less

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