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Separation and divorce do not need to be adversarial and conflictual.

Collaborative practice is an out-of-court resolution process which puts families first. The collaborative approach is for spouses who want to minimize the emotional and financial costs of separation and the impact on their children. With collaborative practice, you and your spouse are in control of the process.

The Collaborative Process

Spouses each retain a certified collaborative family lawyer who represents and guides them throughout the process. Neutral family professionals and financial professionals are often involved in the collaborative process to help address and resolve the financial and emotional aspects of separation and divorce. Family professionals assist by drafting parenting plans and developing effective communication between the spouses. Financial professionals provide valuable financial advice and assist in financial disclosure.

Each spouse signs a participation agreement that affirms they will not start court proceedings, be open and truthful with their financial disclosure, and negotiate cooperatively, respectfully and in good faith. Negotiations are interest-based and held in an open and transparent manner. Creative solutions are crafted to address the specific interests and concerns of each spouse. When the issues are resolved, a Separation Agreement is drafted containing all the items discussed in negotiations.

Why Gilbertson Davis LLP?

Our family law counsel is a certified collaborative lawyer and a member of the Collaborative Practice Toronto group. She approaches separation and divorce from a compassionate angle. Kimberley believes the collaborative process is the best approach for families who want long-term solutions to their issues and who want to minimize the impact of separation on their children.

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