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Are you a victim of fraud?
Construction fraud has become one of the most costly forms of fraudulent schemes, and its prevalence is growing, particularly in cities where new construction projects are flourishing, such as Toronto.

Victims of Construction Fraud

Construction fraud can occur at any stage of the construction project, and can increase the overall costs of construction and adversely affect the quality of the project. Construction fraud can impact all parties involved in the project, including:

  • contractors
  • subcontractors
  • managers and employees
  • investors and lenders
  • condominium boards
  • condominium purchasers
  • purchasers, tenants, and interim occupants

Construction Fraud Schemes

To seek to avoid detection, construction fraud is often perpetrated through a wide variety of differing schemes, including:

  • contractors and subcontractors billing for unperformed work
  • cheque payee is fictitious or non-existing person
  • false and fraudulent cheques
  • false invoices and purchase orders, and other forged documents
  • hiding unrecoverable costs and hidden cost overruns through contingency funds or hidden in other invoices
  • home Repair Scam
  • inflated or fictitious supplies, suppliers, contracts, contractors, services and employees
  • invoicing for tools and supplies used on other projects
  • kickbacks, bribes and secret commissions to lead contractors, suppliers or employees
  • seniors construction scam
  • substitution with inferior materials or removing materials for personal or alternative uses
  • renovation Scam

Urgent Injunctions and Other Assistance When Construction Fraud

When fraud is suspected or found to exist, or where you are falsely accused of fraud, it is important to retain legal counsel promptly to minimize further damage and ensure that your rights are preserved. Results-oriented legal counsel can assist you in:

  • investigating suspicious activity and advise on possible fraudulent actions
  • seeking urgent assistance from the court for:
    • access to accounts and records to determine whether fraud has occurred and where stolen assets or materials are being held
    • freezing and preserving assets before they are disposed of, dissipated or removed from the jurisdiction
    • setting aside a freezing order obtained without notice where such an order should not have been granted
    • finding, inspecting and preserving evidence of fraud and loss from fraud
    • varying a freezing order obtained without notice where necessary to pay for reasonable legal and living expenses
  • engaging forensic accountants and other financial and construction experts to inspect documentation and provide reports concerning fraud and
  • providing practical and affordable legal representation to seek a positive resolution to the dispute
Gilbertson Davis LLP has lawyers who have experience acting in fraud claims proceedings before the courts to represent the interests of those victimized by or falsely accused of fraud. Some of our lawyers have acted in leading civil fraud cases, including one who appeared as counsel in the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada in the leading fraud decision in Canada.

We can provide prompt, cost-efficient and results-oriented legal advice and legal representation on all aspects of the litigation process, including seeking urgent and without notice relief to preserve the status quo and to preserve rights and remedies pending a final resolution. Gilbertson Davis LLP can serve your needs with lawyers who have considerable experience in bringing and responding to summary judgment motions, including in matters where fraud is alleged.

Do Not Delay

Quite apart from the consideration that suspected fraud may continue without swift legal action, prompt retention of lawyers to obtain advice and seek remedies for fraud may be required by the courts, since some types of relief available from the courts require that the relief be sought promptly following its detection – even if the full extent of the fraudulent scheme and your loss have yet to be revealed.

If you are involved in a construction fraud issue, please contact us for an initial consultation.