Arbitration Chambers – in the Adelaide St. “Arbitration Alley”

David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M (Commercial and Corporate), Lawyer, Qualified Arbitrator and MediatorArbitration, Arbitrators, Business Dispute Arbitrator, Case Management Arbitrator, Commercial Arbitrator, Employment Dispute Arbitrator, Franchise Arbitrator, International Commercial Arbitrator, International Joint Venture Arbitrator, IT Arbitrator, Joint Venture Arbitrator, Litigation Motion Arbitrator, Marine Arbitrator, Motion by Arbitrator, Moving Litigation to Arbitration, Partnership Dispute Arbitrator, Real Estate Arbitrator, Reinsurance Arbitrator, Sale of Business Arbitrator, Sale of Goods Arbitrator, Shareholder Dispute Arbitrator, Technology Arbitrator, Transportation Arbitrator0 Comments  Gilbertson Davis LLP Arbitration Chambers is established among the numerous arbitration chambers situated along or nearby the the short span of Adelaide Street between Bay and Yonge Street in the Toronto Financial District. Sole Arbitrator – from $450.00 per hour, plus HST Reasonable Fees and Good Availability  It offers experienced, independent and qualified commercial arbitrators and commercial mediators at very competitive and reasonable hourly fee rates and good availability for hearings for both substantive dispute arbitration and procedural arbitration. Commercial Arbitrators  All our arbitrators are senior legal practitioners who also accept appointments as independent arbitrators. They are distinguished in their respective areas of practice and have differing legal practice backgrounds, through diversity of their legal experience in the world of reinsurance, insurance, business disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, international trade & distribution, sale of goods, share of businesses, procurement, commercial leasing, employment, technology and marine matters, and from foreign legal … Read More