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David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M, Q.Arb – Employment Arbitrator

From $350 per hour, plus facilities and applicable taxes.

Arbitrator Experience

David Alderson is an experienced, independent and qualified arbitrator. He has been appointed as arbitrator by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to adjudicate disputes. David accepts appointment as an employment dispute arbitrator.

David is a full member of the ADR Institute of Ontario and is in its arbitrating member’s Directory of Ontario Dispute Resolution Professionals, as well being a member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society, where he appears on its Roster of Member Arbitrators. His roster membership can be viewed here. He hold an LL.B (Osgoode), LL.M (Lond.) and Q.Arb (ADR Institute of Canada). David is on the newly formed Member’s Roster for Remote Arbitration and Mediation Services, for the provision of remote Arbitration in a wide variety of disputes.

David has completed the Foundations in Judicial Competencies Series, and has been granted a Certificate of Completion by the Ontario Bar Association.

David has always encouraged and supported the use of arbitration as an alternative to traditional court-based dispute resolution as a both time and cost efficient alternative to traditional litigation. In pursuance of those considerations, David accepts appointments as an employment arbitrator at a reasonable fee rate from $350 per hour, plus facilities and applicable taxes. He offers good availability for first meeting, and arbitration hearings.

Types of Employment Disputes

David accepts appointment as an arbitrator to adjudicate employment disputes of a wide range and variety, including:

    • Accommodation
    • Client List Disputes
    • Confidentiality
    • Constructive Discrimination
    • Constructive Dismissal
    • Defamation – Libel and
    • Slander
    • Defamation of Director or Officer
    • Defamation of Employee
    • Departing Employee – Obligations
    • Discrimination Claims
    • Employment Law
    • Employee Fraud Alleged
    • Employee Misappropriation of Funds
    • Employee Theft Alleged
    • Employee Embezzlement Alleged
    • Harassment Allegations
    • Injunctions and Orders
    • Joint Venture Disputes
    • Non-competition Agreement
    • Dependent Contractor
    • Non-solicitation Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Online Reputation
    • Reputation Loss
    • Restrictive Covenants
    • Sexual Harassment and Assault
    • Systemic Discrimination
    • Termination of Employment
    • Unpaid Wages
    • Wrongful Dismissal

Expedited Arbitration

In appropriate cases, David accepts appointment as an employment arbitrator to conduct expedited arbitration. David’s engagements in expedited arbitration is discussed here.

Hourly Rate and Availability

David accepts appointment as an employment arbitrator on an hourly rate basis which relates to the amount in dispute, and in a range from $350 to $450 per hour, plus applicable taxes, disbursements, expenses and the cost of facilities. He has good availability, typically holding the First Meeting in the arbitration within one week of appointment, and the arbitration hearing within a few months, unless urgency dictates an earlier hearing’

Moving Litigation to Arbitration

David accepts employment arbitrator appointment in matters having been moved from the courts, either by order of the court, or by consensual provisions to enable the matter to move forward promptly. Moving matters in litigation to arbitration is discussed here.

Appointment, Resume and Terms of Appointment

David accepts appointments across Canada, from Chambers based in Toronto, Ontario.

Curriculum Vitae and Terms of Appointment are available on request.

Please contact the Arbitrator’s Assistant and Intake Coordinator at (416) 979 2020, ext. 223 or by email at info@gilbertsondavis.com

Hourly Rates: Fee rate on application: from $350.00 per hour, plus facilities and applicable taxes.

Languages: English

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About the Author
David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M (Commercial and Corporate), Q.Arb, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator

David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M (Commercial and Corporate), Q.Arb, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator

David Alderson, LL.B, LL.M (Commercial and Corporate), Q.Arb, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator, has practiced over 37 years as a commercial and business litigator in diverse matters in the courts and in domestic and international arbitration proceedings in Ontario, England & Wales, Bermuda and Dubai. Also admitted in New York. The ADR Institute of Canada has accredited David as a Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb). He accepts appointment as a commercial, business, construction, real estate, condo, technology, employment and marine arbitrator and mediator Bio | Lawyer | Arbitrator | Mediator | Contact

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